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Nick Kyrgios reportedly dating Ajla Tomljanovic!

Nick Kyrgios reportedly dating Ajla Tomljanovic!

Tennis – Mercurial Australian Nick Kyrgios is reportedly dating Australia´s Croatian import Ajla Tomljanovic after the two exchanged some interesting messages on Twitter.

Australian Nick Kyrgios is spending time in Brisbane with Ajla Tomljanovic, who will soon resume training at the Queensland Tennis Centre. Earlier this year, Tomljanovic, denied rumours of a romance, saying they were “just good friends’’.

Now tennis tour regulars say they understand Kyrgios and Tomljanovic are a couple. Kyrgios arrived in Brisbane on Thursday on a flight from Canberra, having tweeted “special day today”. The main image on his Twitter page is now a picture of Kyrgios and Tomljanovic on court together.

Over the past 12 months, Kyrgios has conversed on social media with Tomljanovic and also her sister Hana, who is a student in the US. “With fam tonight @NickKyrgios,’’ Hana wrote in tweeting a picture of her and Kyrgios together.

Tomljanovic wants to play for Australia in the Fed Cup once she has the Australian citizenship. ALSO READ: Jarmila Gajdosova gets married! (PICS INSIDE) .

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ajla tomljanovic


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Ajla Tomljanović jumps ship

ajla tomljanovic

Ajla Tomljanović jumps ship

Ajla Tomljanović won’t play under the Croatian flag starting on Monday

Photo: Novilist

When the US Open starts on Monday, 21-year-old, Ajla Tomljanović, will represent Australia for the first time as she takes the court to face Carla Suárez Navarro in the first round. The Zagreb born Croatian #1, left Croatia to live and train at the Evert Tennis Academy in the United States eight years ago to better her tennis career. In December of 2013, she moved to Brisbane Australia where she started working with Australian coach David Taylor, 2011 US Open champion Sam Stosur’s former mentor.

Just a month later, Ajla secretively applied for Australian citizenship with the possibility of “jumping ship” and representing the Australian colors, a country where she has never lived in before. Two weeks ago, Croatian media have reported that Tomljanović was approved for Australian residency and will no longer represent Croatia.

Alja’s father Ratko said on Croatian radio that the Australian tennis association approached the Tomljanovićs about her becoming an Australian. Her father also said they were not considering changing nationalities when they first moved to the United States. “The contact came spontaneously, where the wishes of both sides were the same, so everything was going like it should go. She got the residence and now She is in the process of getting the citizenship.” Tomljanović said.

Alja will represent Australia at all grand slams going forward. However, she will not be able to play for her new country at other events until she completes a qualification process, including receiving citizenship and a new passport.

Alja knows how to dress to impress

Photo: Crown

“For a long time I don’t expect help from anyone for my career. Everything I have done until now in my career and the decisions I made in my career, I made by myself, of course with the help of my family. When I was looking for a coach, I was looking for a top coach. If you want the best, you’re going to have to pay. They don’t come for free. The elite definitely have a great support system and team around them. It’s hard. You have to be able to finance that. My leaving to Australia is strictly a result of my decision that Australia will help my tennis go to the next level and I will, with their services available to me, be able to make my dreams come true. In Croatia, we don’t really have the resources. We’re a small country. When I started, my parents were my sponsors. Now it’s come to a point where maybe there is a gap where I can get a better situation, better resources, better conditions. I think it does make a difference. Hopefully we see it. If I get negative feedback at home [in Croatia], I can’t do much about that. I can tell my story and my reasons, but at the end of the day I don’t need to give an explanation because it’s something that I decided and I’m very happy with my choice. I’ll be very honored to represent a country like Australia.”

Ajla Tomljanović for Sports Illustrated

Tomljanović received loads of comments calling her a shameful person and a traitor. Some people said that athletes like her don’t even deserve the Croatian flag and should receive a lifetime ban from entering Croatia. However, a lot of people also showed support for Ajla and said that she should not pay attention to these stupid comments. What are your thoughts? Fair or foul?

Woah. The guns on her!

Her name is Ajla.

She must be getting money to do this

She was offered a pretty lucrative deal by the cashed up Australian Tennis Federation to jump ship.At the end of the day,good luck to her,I dont want to see her strung up in Trg Ban Jelacic.At the same time,it shouldnt be a smooth ride for anyone to do this and a big fuss should be made so that others dont start thinking that this is what you do if you feel like it.

The media still make a issue in Aust about Joe Simunic and the government tightened some lax rules after what happened with him.Its all competition for sporting assets.Cro needs to continue to aggressively look after what it has, while at the same time getting what it can from the diaspora.Again,its all competition for sporting assets.Ziva for example, is still considering leaving this site for another un-named site for the offer of a months free Wi-Fi and a gourmet hotdog because he is so into the “luxury experience”

Disappointing – hope this doesn’t start a much larger trend-possible leaking into National Team youngsters-she is a young Croat athlete who choose to represent another country…

Any one notice Anjna is wearing a jewish necklace in the first photo above. Makes sense now why shes left for money. I take it shes jewish. Anybody really know. Only reason i know is i have seen them on jewish mothers in certain areas that they live.

@Dave-Good spotting,not sure myself about that necklace.Ask Ziva,he is a Jewish mother..

That symbol she’s wearing around her neck is the ‘hamsa’.

Both Jewish and Muslim people wear it. It’s supposed to be a hand to protect you from the ‘evil eye’.

Her mom is from Bosna, and could possibly be a Bosnjak.

Either that, or she’s just wearing it cuz it’s trendy like when a white kid gets dreadlocks and wears wristbands in Rastafarian colours, lol.

Well,her mothers name is Emina,which is a Bosnian name.That largely sums up why she was able to jump ship and represent another country.Again,at the end of the day,good luck,just dont want it to be easy for others.

She will never be a top tier player.

She went for the money and there is nothing wrong with that. Do you guys realize the expenses in tennis and the lack of money made by players ranked outside the top 20. The Aussie federation is going to pay her coach and assist with travel. This was a no brained for her. She is saving well over $150,000 annually with this move.

This is more fake outrage. Nobody paid any attention to this thick chick before and nobody will after.

Fake outrage? I would consider it outrageous if our 100th ranked tiddly-wink player jumped ship.Little Croatas sporting talent needs to be guarded with some degree of outarge,this is normal practice for any country,while at the same time trying to get what you can from elsewhere.In Croatias case,this is the diaspora,Thats just the way it is,its business.You of all people should understand that.You are always banging on about that.As for being a top tier player,maybe not,but she is a decent enough player to cause a stir and for Australia to want her.So young,so much to learn.

Again…..nobody in cro paid any attention to her before this and they won’t after this. She made the right call for herself and her family. Nothing the cro tennis federation could do to keep her. The Aussies have millions to spend on tennis. The cro tennis savez does not.

Now, maybe she can use some of her savings to hire a trainer and lose weight. The chick is too thick.

@Anon-Hey,thats my son.He is making his point.No need to call him names^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

This is fucking disappointing and i say that as an aussie

she’s been on the improve for sure

That necklace says it all. She is probably gay to. She can be an Aussie but she is never to call herself one of us nor is she to stick her nose in Croatian affairs.

Who is representing Croatia at the gay games?

I think we have finally discovered who Ziva is.

Patrick LOL. I think you’ve found him!

But if it’s such an issue with the Croatian Tennis Federation not footing the bill for travel and other expenses, then how do Donna Vekić and Ana Konjuh do it?

Croatia does have to protect their athletes, so I can understand if she is pissed about having to pay for things that other athletes from worse countries don’t pay for. But why is she the only one that is leaving?

Lets wait and see what happens with both of those two.

All sorts of speculation that Great Britain has offered Vekic the same type of package. Vekic has said no so far. But, lets see what happens if Vekic is only a top 50 player in a few years and could use the extra funding.

I don’t know about Konjuh’s situation. Since she was a big name on the junior ranks I am assuming (could be wrong) that she made a nice deal with whoever her outfitters are (clothing, shoes, racket, etc…) So, money and finances may not be an issue for her right now. I know that companies like Nike and Adidas offer coaching as well to promising players, so that could be part of the arrangement as well.

The hefty Tomljanovic has made just over $400K this season, so she is on course to make $500-$600K this season unless she can make a big run at the US Open (seeing that tourney is played in the heat and humidity of NYC, I don’t see her body going far). She is going to save well over $100K by pledging her future to Australia. Smart business move.

It’s not like we take big pride in Cro tennis when it comes to the Fed Cup or the Olympics, so this is not a big loss.

@Patrick…..keep looking. As I have said many times, I will carry the “kriz” on this website.

Who is this chick? Maybe she’ll want to be in my new title “North Pole No. 69″

This story is as relevant as MLS.

Geez, I gotta say…some of you have waaaayyyy too much time on your hands to look up all these articles on different athletes, betting, gossip…do any of you have wives or girlfriends?

Says the guy who averages 8.3 posts per day

wooooowww…Olic scores a nice cracker?

lol on the dick nurse.. but inSerbia reports?? hmmm yeah.. funny but prolly garbage/smear

Croatia has pinched enough soccer players from Australia. Its about time we returned the favour. Matosevic and now Alja. We should make a play for Cilic next and get Goran over as head coach.

Money talks bullshit walks don’t act like it’s anything new or different from what any of you would do, hell 99% of you would have joined the izdajice and their “crvena akcija” during the 40’s whilst shitting yourselves in a bunker somewhere on Otok Ugljan waiting for the war to end so you could collect your Yugoslav military pensions later just like your grandfathers/fathers did

October 17

ajla tomljanovic

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Ajla Tomljanovic Beats Agnieszka Radwanska

Ajla Tomljanovic Beats Agnieszka Radwanska

Posted: May 31 2014, 12:18pm CDT | by Sumayah Aamir, Updated: May 31 2014, 12:26pm CDT, in News | Latest Sports News

Ajla Tomljanovic has beaten the #3 tennis star, Agnieszka Radwanska.

Ajla Tomljanovic has defeated third seeded Agnieszka Radwanska in French Open 2014. And Li Na who held the #2 position lost big time to Kristina Mladenovic. Tomljanovic is a Croatian tennis star who gave Agnieszka Radwanska the curve a day ago.

“@rennaestubbs: @Ajlatom great win today!! and thanks for visiting us on the @TennisChannel loft. come back and see us. ”hope 2 chat soon— Ajla Tomljanovic (@Ajlatom) May 30, 2014

Already, the world of tennis saw a major change with Serena Williams facing Garbine Muguruza. The latter spoke of how the time was right to welcome the new breed of players in the great game.

Therefore, from the looks of it, the three players at the acme seem to have been substituted by some young and eager talent. And this is the first time such an event has transpired in the history of tennis.

Meanwhile, Victoria Azarenka is out of the game due to an injury she is currently suffering from. Radwanska was a weak player and no match for the assertive Tomlhanovic who soundly thrashed her in the final round.

The few opportunities that Radwanska got to avenge her losing streak were missed one by one as Tomljanovic closed in for the kill.

However, Radwanska is adamant that she just didn’t play that ably on Friday. She has in fact refused to acknowledge that the defeat is final and said that it is just a temporary hurdle that has come up along the way.

“It doesn’t mean if first and second seed lost, doesn’t mean the third one is going to win,” Radwanska said, adding, “I just didn’t play good enough today to win the match.”

Tomljanovic is a new and upcoming talent who is just bursting with energy and enthusiasm. Since she is fresh to the field, she faced the media and reporters after the event with some apprehension.

But, Tomljanovic says it went like a breeze. It’s been over 365 days since she decided to enter the game and she has never looked back. Her confidence is such that she feels on top of the world.

“After seeing the two first seeds go out, you kind of feel like, ‘I can do this, too,’ ” Tomljanovic said. “I grew up with these girls that are beating them.”

She originally trained at Chris Evert’s academy in Florida. She recounted how both Evert and another coach named David Taylor saw a lot of potential in her due to her high self esteem and passion for the game.

“He definitely saw me as an aggressive player, someone who right off the bat should be the one dictating, since I’m a big girl and have a big serve,” she said, adding, “The biggest thing was he really thought I was good.”

The fact that they believed in her all the way led to her constant winning streak. She attributes what she has achieved today to their mentoring and camaraderie.

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