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Paul McCartney - I Can Bet lyrics

I Can Bet lyrics

We can give it a try

I'll look you straight in the eye and pull you to me

If you don’t understand

I’ll take ahold of your hand and pull you near me

I can bet you will never guess

I can bet that you’ll never guess

We can give it a go

But if you’d rather not know, I won’t reveal it

I can bet you will never guess

I can bet that you’ll never guess

Create with me, yeah

Don’t wait for me to be steady

I’ve got no plan, yeah

But I’m your man, yeah

And I’ll be there when you’re ready

I can bet you will never guess

I can bet that you’ll never guess

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ats betting explained lyrics

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What is a Single Bet, Bet Types Explained

Single Bets Explained What is a Single Bet?

A straight bet on the outcome of an event with returns determined based on the amount staked and the odds offered.

A single bet wins or loses depending on the outcome of the backed event. The person placing the bet must decide the amount they wish to stake, the higher the stake the higher the potential winnings. If the selection loses the bookmaker keeps the stake and returns nothing to the punter. If the selection wins, the stake is multiplied by the odds (fractions) to determine the profit, and both profit and stake are returned the customer. Bookmakers offer higher odds on selections they believe less likely to win. The higher the odds offered the greater the winnings when the selection does win. The basic strategy is to place bets on selections that you think are more likely to happen than the odds suggest. These are often described as "Value" bets.

A single bet can be modified into an each-way bet, to mitigate some risk by generating a return if the selection only finishes in a placing position See here for a full explanation.

Accepted anywhere that takes bets. Across all sports and countries this is the one bet you can always rely on being available.

Single Examples

These are straightforward to work out, but a single bet calculator may come in handy for speed and to avoid human error.

The football match result in below is used to in the winnings and losing examples:

Assuming a unit stake of £2 on Norwich to win at odds 2/1 the winnings would break down as follows:

Assuming a unit stake of £5 on Sunderland to win the returns would break down as follows:

  • The bet of Sunderland to win has lost, therefore this bet returns £0
  • Profit/Loss = Returns - Stake = -£2

Last Update: 15th January 2016

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Single bet calculator - Use this betting tool to calculate your winnings for a single bet. Handles each way bets, non runners, dead heats and more. Enter the odds and the summary updates automatically, working out your winnings couldn't be easier.

What is a double bet? - A popular option for those punter that find themselves with two peferred selections. Both choices must win to generate a return, but when they do the payout is multiplies significantly.

What is a treble bet? - Works the same as a double bet but with 3 selections instead of 2. A riskier wager but with the potential for much higher winnings when it does come off. Visit the page for a football betting example demonstrating both winnings and losing scenarios.

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  • Article - Spread Betting Explained

    Spread Betting Explained

    One of the problems with “straight up” bets, simply picking a side to win or lose, is their predictability. Stronger sides win and weaker sides lose. The public would soon lose interest in wager and bookmakers would find it difficult to make a living if all betting were limited to such choices.

    As it happens, other types of bets go well beyond picking the winner of an event. One of them that has gained a significant following in recent years is known as “spread betting,” and it involves predicting not only which side will be successful but also how wide the margin of victory will be.

    Simply stated, spread betting gives a handicap to the underdog in a contest in order to make the competitors more evenly matched. For instance, if Manchester United are favoured at home over a lesser Chelsea club, there would be very few wagers on the Blues. To compensate, the odds makers offer an inducement called the “Point Line,” such as “Man Utd -1.” In other words, a “spread” of one point will be subtracted from the Red Devils’ final score when the match concludes. Similarly, the Point Line for Chelsea would read +1, meaning they receive a handicap of one goal.

    To avoid the possibility of draws, bookmakers often use half-point spreads, such as “West Ham -0.5.” If the Hammers win outright, the bet can be claimed, but if the match ends in a draw, their opponent would “cover” the spread and prevail. In this way, spread betting can be quite like Asian Handicap betting.

    Interestingly enough, powerful teams that chalk up excellent win-loss tallies often compile poor records “against the spread” (ATS). This is a statistic of great importance to bettors. Whenever the spread is large, wagering on weaker side by “taking points” suddenly becomes very attractive versus backing the favourite and “giving points.”

    Bookmakers earn money on spread betting by taking from the winners a small commission. This margin goes by several names such as “vigorish,” “vig” or “juice.” Five percent is not an unusual amount, although it can go as high as ten. For example, a winning £20 wager on “West Ham -0.5” might pay a profit of £19 instead of evens. If the bookmaker is able to “balance the action” by having about the same amount wagered on either side of the spread, a profit is guaranteed thanks to this margin.

    Quite a few interesting opportunities for bettors arise in the process of spread betting. If wagering is heavy on West Ham at -0.5, the bookmaker may adjust the line by offering new odds at -1.5. This in no way effects wagers that have already been made; the Point Line remains unchanged for those. However, the adjustment should attract more wagers on the opponent and cause a slowdown of betting on West Ham.

    Whenever the Point Line moves, there are opportunities created to “hedge” bets. This is a bit like taking out insurance, and in some cases it may even be possible to win both ways. For example, a bettor who has already invested £20 on West Ham -0.5 is expecting they will win by a goal or more. If an opportunity come up to wager on the opponent at +1.5, making a £20 wager on the other side will pay double if the Hammers succeed by exactly one goal and only lose £1 otherwise.

    Minimized risk and the possibility of winning by backing a loser are the two main advantages of spread betting. This has already become the most popular type of betting in the United States, and it has been credited with increasing the number of gamblers in the U.K., now near the one million mark. There is, however, one variation of spread betting offered through betting exchanges that adds even more risk and reward to wagering.

    Unlike the traditional bookmaker, a betting exchange never puts up its own money on either side of a wager. Instead, its sole task is to pair up bettors by allowing them to wager directly against each other. Bettors are allowed to set the spread on their own by “backing” the favourite or “laying odds” on the underdog.

    For example, a customer of the betting exchange might want to back West Ham with a spread of -1.5. Another customer will be found laying odds on their opponent at +1.5 and these two will be paired. If a third bettor offers Chelsea -0.5 and finds no takers, the bet will be declared “off” when the match begins. Wagers are active only when accepted by an offer on the opposite side at the same odds.

    Spread betting on exchanges can be especially exciting when bettors take advantage of the zeal of fans. Unwarranted confidence in the market allows much wider spreads to be offered than in traditional markets, and that adds to risk and reward.

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