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The Westbrooks Season 2 Release Date With Trailer, Promo Photos and Videos

The Westbrooks Season 2 Release Date

The new reality show on the BET network, “The Westbrooks”, is about women gaining fame. And it is waiting for the decision of its fate, as the viewers’ comments are quite controversial. So far, the creators are keeping silent about this project. Let’s hope that it is only a matter of time. The show is worth at least a sophomore season.

Some key facts about the newcomer on BET

A reality show, this series runs on its home network BET. It is a narrative about five ladies, who are sisters to each other, and their path to fame.

The first episodes are more than entertaining for American viewers and admirers of reality projects. It debuted in the middle of October of the preceding year.

What is the essence of the story?

This reality series features the path of five sisters to stardom. These ladies are now celebrities in the social networks. They have over 2 million fans!

The series chronicles their professional as well as personal sides of their life, including relationship issues, working matters, brilliant thoughts and a lot of other motivational things they keep putting into effect. So their life is depicted not only in the accounts on Instagram but also in the entire TV serial. It is now composed only of one chapter.

And now let’s talk about these ladies some more. So Bree and Brooke serve as supporters of the fashion dressing industry for big people. Morgan is the owner of a sun tanning parlor. She has a lot of tattoos on her body. Crystal is a typical hippie. India Love, on the other hand, is considered to be the next engine of this large family whose members are brave and smart enough to convert their achieved fame to material and other income.

What is the feedback from the American audience after the first season?

The serial has received quite a controversial feedback. That is a story for people who are fond of watching how other people live and achieve success. People who do not take a keen interest in such things would be rather unhappy. But this doesn’t mean the creators should cancel the serial only because someone doesn’t like following other people obtaining success in the life. The serial has its audience, and it is enough for creating following chapters.

Can we hope for the appearance of the second chapter?

Certainly, some rumors are wandering on the Internet that the serial will have a continuation. However, as the matter stands, there is no information from the official resources concerning The Westbrooks season 2 release date as well as the possible chances of resumption. So let’s arm ourselves with patience and keep monitoring the situation that can change at any minute.

Update: The Westbrooks Season 2 Status

Sometimes, silence is really telling. But we hope this is not the case in this instance. That said, the fact still stands. There undoubtedly is the lack of any official information about the second season’s fate. With things as they are now, it might be quite possible that the producer will cancel the series or, indeed, have done so. The latter is less likely, as they would have probably made an announcement.

Although there is hope, it is really slim. What can we do? Nothing major. We can wait and hope. What can you do? You can subscribe to us so that we could inform you if something comes up.

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TheWestbrooks, About #TheWestbrooks

About The Westbrooks Learn about the social media sisters right here.

Published October 1, 2015

India Westbrook (19) and her four sisters — Crystal (21), Bree (22), Morgan (25) and Brooke (27) — have taken the social media world by storm! Led by India, the baby of the family who’s become just as famous for her stunning looks as she has for her “stuck up ways,” the sisters boast a combined total of over 2 million fans online. Unfortunately, the Westbrook girls also have their fair share of haters. Most of the hate is directed at India, who’s aloof persona causes fans to both love and despise her.

The sisters spend their days chronicling their lives by posting pictures throughout the day. At times, India has been known to take over 100 pictures, always with painstaking precision and perfection. It is this attention to detail that has also caught the eye of advertisers and translated to big dollars for the Westbrook daughters. India and Crystal make thousands a week promoting clothes, shoes and other brand items to their fans. Morgan uses her influence to promote music, including her own, as well as her business ventures and growing motorcycle enthusiasm. Brooke has a budding waist trainer business and Bree has become the “go to” girl for plus size fashions. If marketed right, these girls could be on the verge of a multi-million dollar fashion empire to rival the Kardashians, a family they are often compared to. But the excesses of social media popularity are not the only murky waters the ladies have to navigate. It’s their relationship with each other that has the potential to be the most explosive.

Written by BET-Staff

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Westbrooks Bet Mp3 Video Free Download

westbrooks bet episodes

The five Insta-famous WestBrooks sisters decide to throw a pool party to kick-off their brand. Meanwhile, youngest sister India is .

44:25 The Westbrooks

Alors que la fête des Westbrooks approche à grands pas, les soeurs ne semblent pas très investies dans les préparations.

2:47 BET Officiel

Meet Warren Westbrooks. To Warren it's all about Family. Without family, what does one really have? Exclusive 20 minute episode .

TheWestBrooks hit your TV WEDS OCT 14 10P|9c.

The Westbrooks Sisters film their new BET reality show at a basketball game in Compton! Full Story & PICS: .

10:22 The Hollywood Fix

Warning Adult Language - Reality TV star - Morgan Westbrooks of BET's The Westbrooks join the Roll Out Radio Show live in .

2:42:36 Morris Media Studios

India and Crystal clash with their manager as they look to expand their visibility; tempers flare between sister-roommates.

44:56 The Westbrooks

Want to know some Westbrook family secrets? Go behind the scenes with the queens of Social Media during their cover shoot for .

2:22 Crucial Flix HD

THE COUNTDOWN BEGINS, INTRODUCING THE WESTBROOKS - BET International are bringing the new original one-hour .

TheWestbrooks premieres on BET TOMORROW 10P|9c.

The Nikki Rich Show live at The Westbrooks of BET Networks Premiere in BeverlyHills. Film credit FFTV1 Ramon Vincent .

Bree tries to accept DeVon's nightclub job, family tension rises over Brooke's relationship with Allan; India arranges a blind date .

43:43 The Westbrooks

India Love Westbrooks Team Westbrooks Watch the Westbrooks on BET watch her new video work.

BET Networks hosted a private reception and screening at the SLS Beverly Hills in honor of their latest docs-series .

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The Shade Room always has a good time on the red carpet. This time we hit up the ATL to get exclusive footage at the BET Hip .


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Meet The Sisters of The Westbrooks Airing On BET

Meet The Sisters of The Westbrooks Airing On BET

There is a new fab show on BET called the #Westbrook and lets just say you have to see it to believe it so Meet The Sisters of The Westbrooks Airing On BET.

Move over Kim, Khloe, Kourtney, Kendall and Kyle Kardashian/Jenner girls because there is a new group of sisters ready to take reality TV by storm…

They are willing to get their 15-minutes and then some if that is what it takes for everyone to start calling out the Westbrooks name like the Kardashians.

CelebNMusic247.com wants to introduce you to BET’s hottest new group of firecrackers to hit the small screen. So without anymore a do, we want you to Meet The Sisters of The #Westbrook Airing On BET:

Who are the ladies of The Westbrooks?

We thought you’d never ask, let’s see if you remember India Love, you know the girl who started out detailing the situation with her ex-boo The Game, allegedly claiming that Game fingered her?

Well she is the first girl that we want to introduce. She is the youngest sister and the most bourgeois, but hey we will let you decide.

India Love – she is the youngest daughter of the Westbrooks family. Her online following nears 1 million and every post she puts online gets over 30,000 likes.

She is the most popular of the Westbrooks sisters and has fans, including hip hop stars (she has dated The Game) and NFL players. She makes money through modeling and social media promotions.

Next up is Crystal Westbrooks (right photo):

Crystal is an aspiring model and India’s biggest rival. Described by her sisters as being smart, but really spacey, Crystal longs to be taken seriously by them.

As the only Westbrooks to attend college, she sees it as a major step to earning the respect she desires.

Next up is the middle Westbrooks, Bree Westbrooks:

Bree Westbrooks (lower left photo) is known for stepping in and protecting her siblings.

Bree is also a model for plus-sized women and preaches the message of loving yourself.

She is a single mother with a three-year-old boy and has recently become more religious.

Brooke Lauren Westbrooks (lower right photo)- She is the second oldest daughter and known as the black sheep of the family and has always felt like an outsider.

She has a great relationship with her mom, but does not get along with her dad. This is partly due to her having three children out-of-wedlock with her delinquent boyfriend.

Last but not least is the oldest daughter, Morgan Westbrooks (lower left photo):

Morgan is known as the goofy sister and loves riding her dirt bike with her crew. She is the most financially savvy of the sisters (she’s sponsored by a clothing line, co-owns a tanning salon and is part of her dad’s businesses) and is currently recording a hip hop EP.

She hopes to take her passion for biking and turn that into a viable business.

The sisters are all very different. The older sisters, born & raised in Compton, have a little more of a rough edge to them.

The younger sister Crystal/Cristaal is more like a peaceful hippie and India is more…well we don’t want to use the words vain or bourgeois but you get the point!

Take a look at this highlight clip from The Westbrooks:

Check out this clip with Soulja Boy:

The Westbrooks season 1 promises to bring tears, laughter, drama, and of course boys/dating.

The premiere episode of The Westbrooks is tonight (Wednesday) 10P/9C on BET.

The westbrooks reality season 1 episode 3 the westbrooks

westbrooks bet episodes

THE WESTBROOKS Reality - The Westbrooks (Season 1, Episode 3). India Westbrook (19) and her four sisters - …

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