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Paez/Raja vs Zimonjic/Sock Prediction and Preview – 17.10.17

Experts of our site became interested in a tennis match, in which Paez/Raja and Zimonjic/Sock will meet. Judging by the results that rivals show in the current season, they have conducted excellent training, therefore, this season they plan to show decent results and win titles. Judging by the composition of the participants in the tournament, within the framework of which this match will take place, our rivals have good chances to get into high stages and compete for the title. World tennis experts a few years ago said that Paez/Raja and Zimonjic/Sock in the near future will be among the best athletes of the tour. In the past seasons, these athletes added to the game, and now came the time when even against serious rivals, bookmakers expose their favorites. And, in our opinion, all this is quite fair, since, according to the athletes themselves, they are eager to occupy the highest places on the tour. However, this requires not only a lot of training, but also to win titles. Therefore, athletes have high hopes for this tournament, as the victory here will allow them to significantly strengthen their positions in the world ranking. Recall that for the victory in a major tennis tournament, athletes are awarded a large number of prize points that make up the athlete’s rating. So, here the confrontation will be very interesting, since Paez/Raja and Zimonjic/Sock have the most rosy plans for this season. With regard to forecasts from our experts, we have tried to reflect our vision of this match below, on which our forecasts are based. We hope that they will prove to be useful, and will allow you to enjoy an interesting confrontation and make good money on betting in bookmakers.

Making forecasts for the match, which will be held in the framework of the famous tennis tournament, the experts of our site carefully studied the statistics of the athletes’ confrontations. Paez/Raja and Zimonjic/Sock show a high level of skill, so we think that just in this match there will be no one. Coverage of the tournament allows the athletes to act confidently on their serve, which means that the match can get a long one. In this case, our experts advise the bettor to pay attention to the sets. It is best to make similar bets in the course of the match, since before the game starts not all bookmakers offer such rates. At the same time, it is worth assessing the chances of opponents to win this match, as bookmakers offered rather interesting odds, and our experts disagree with them somewhat. The composition of the tournament participants is very strong, so you can not relax in any match. Our rivals have already managed to play several matches at this tournament, from the results of which we can judge about their current form. In addition, we reviewed matches between these rivals, which they conducted earlier. This allowed us to find some interesting statistical rates, which we offer bettors below. It is especially worth noting the rates for the additional outcomes of the match, here the bookmakers clearly did not fully analyze the current level of rivals. Closer to the beginning of the match, we think that the coefficients will change, as too many forecasters and experts are interested in this confrontation, and they will also propose their predictions. Therefore, we recommend making some bets before the match, and then – in the course of the game, add to the live.

About the confrontation in which Paez/Raja and Zimonjic/Sock will take part are written a lot. Now every bettor should make an independent decision: to bet on this match or not. Our experts, naturally, could not leave this match without attention, therefore, after careful analysis of the line of bookmakers, we offer our forecasts for this match. So, the favorite of the match, as well as the analytics of bookmakers, experts of our site see an athlete who perfectly performs on this surface and this Paez/Raja. Since many bookmakers offer almost equal odds for winning rivals in this match, we recommend using this. Zimonjic/Sock although it has a high rating, can not yet find its game, and this type of coverage is non-core for the athlete – Zimonjic/Sock has practically no results on it. In addition, Zimonjic/Sock already performs at a high level for several weeks in a row, the athlete must accumulate fatigue, which in this match can be in the hands of the opponent. So, in addition to winning, we would recommend looking at the favorite’s favorite, because, given the high odds that the match will win Paez/Raja, the bookmakers exhibit a small odds that can be broken even in three sets. The total total, in our opinion, is unjustifiably high, in order to break through the athletes must play at least three sets, so we would recommend to bet on the total less. If you bet during the match, then one of the best bets, we believe the bet that the second set will win the athlete, who won the first set. Most likely, Paez/Raja will not delay the match and will try to quickly deal with the tired rival.

The game ends with a victory Paez/Raja – 2.47, the game ends with a victory Zimonjic/Sock – 1.58.

Choosing a match for forecasting, experts of our resource drew attention to a major tennis tournament, rivals in which will be Paez/Raja and Zimonjic/Sock. Here we tried not only to choose an interesting match for forecasting, because, in our opinion, bookmakers offer quite interesting quotes and events in this confrontation, but we also think that athletes will be able to please fans with interesting rallies and incredible combinations, as they confidently overcame resistance of their opponents in the initial stages of the tournament. Recall that only large tennis tournaments allow athletes to gain a large number of points that affect where they are located in the world classification, therefore, at such tournaments, everyone without exception tries to demonstrate the best tennis to go through the tournament grid as far as possible. Our rivals here are not an exception, sportsmen are still acting confidently at this tournament, but they will be able to learn about the degree of their preparation from this match, as there simply will not be anyone here, therefore, fans will have an interesting confrontation.

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