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List of The Prince of Tennis chapters explained

List of The Prince of Tennis chapters explained

The chapters of The Prince of Tennis manga series are written and illustrated by Takeshi Konomi, and were serialized in Japan's manga magazine Weekly Shōnen Jump from July 1999 to March 2008. A sequel to the series entitled New Prince of Tennis began serialization in Japan in the monthly magazine Jump Square on March 4, 2009. The story centers around a cocky tennis prodigy named Ryoma Echizen, who, upon his father's urging, enrolls in a private middle school called Seishun Academy ("Seigaku" for short), which, besides being famous for its strong tennis team, is his father's alma mater. The storyline of the first manga series revolves around Seigaku striving to become the National middle school tennis champions, while the sequel takes place several months after their National victory. [1]

The Prince of Tennis manga spans a total of 379 chapters (380 if chapter "0" is included), which have been collected into 42 tankōbon volumes. [2] Shueisha distributed these volumes in Japan, with the first volume being released on January 7, 2000, and the last on June 4, 2008. [3] [4] Each of the chapters are referred to as a "Genius", with the exception of chapters 245 to 247 which are primarily referred to as the "Wild" chapters since they are told from a different character's point of view. [5] [6] The sequel's chapters are each referred to as a "Golden Age". Three official fan books were also released by Shueisha, as well as one illustration book. [7] [8] [9] [10] Kenichi Sakura created a short tribute manga entitled The Prince of Afterschool, which began serialization in Jump Square in November 2008. [11]

The series has been adapted into several forms of other media including an 178 episode anime series directed by Takayuki Hamana that aired from October 2001 to March 2005, and a series of subsequent OVAs released onto several DVDs. The anime, combined with the OVAs, roughly covers the storyline of the first manga series. It also spawned an ongoing series of musicals, [12] as well as two featured films: one original animated film and the other being a live-action which loosely follows the events of the first eighteen volumes. [13]

Viz Media licensed the series and distributes an English version of the manga in North America under the Shonen Jump imprint. [14] The first English language volume was released on May 19, 2004, [15] and as of May 5, 2009, Viz has released a total of thirty-one volumes, with the next expected to be released in July. [16] [17] The English anime adaptation debuted in North America as streaming media on Toonami Jetstream on July 14, 2006. [18]

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List of The Prince of Tennis chapters

list of prince of tennis

This article is a list of volumes of " The Prince of Tennis " manga series created by Takeshi Konomi . The manga was first published in Shueisha 's " Weekly Shonen Jump " in Japan in July 1999. The manga is published in English in North America by VIZ Media . The series was put under hiatus when Konomi was injured in an accident during the Summer of 2006, but publication resumed in September 2006, after a hiatus of slightly over two months.

"Note - In the Japanese, German, and English versions of the manga, the chapters are identified as "Genius" (Genius 1, Genius 2, etc)."

Graphic novel list/header

SecondLanguage = North AmericanGraphic novel list

OriginalRelDate = January 7 , 2000

OriginalISBN = 4-08-872815-7 cite web|url=|title=テニスの王子様/1|許斐 剛|ジャンプコミックス|BOOKNAVI|集英社|publisher= Shueisha |accessdate=2008-09-06|language=Japanese]

LicensedRelDate = May 19 , 2004

LicensedISBN = 1-59116-435-4 cite web|url=|title=VIZ Media - The Prince of Tennis, Vol. 1|publisher= VIZ Media |accessdate=2008-09-06|language=English]

* Genius 001. nihongo|Ryoma Echizen|越前 リョーマ|Echizen Ryōma

* Genius 002. nihongo|A Suspicious Child Has Appeared|クセモノ アラワル|Kuse Mono Arawaru

* Genius 003. nihongo|2nd Year vs 1st Year|2年 対 1年!|2 Nen Tai 1 Nen!

* Genius 004. nihongo|A Declaration Of War|宣戦布告!|Sensen Fukoku!

* Genius 005. nihongo|The Dusty Racket|埃まみれのラケット|Hokori Mamire no Raketto

* Genius 006. nihongo|Irony|波紋|Hamon

* Genius 007. nihongo|The Start Of The Ranking Tournament|ランキング戦開始!|Rankingu Sen Kaishi!

VolumeExtras =;Volume title

Summary = Ryoma Echizen is considered to be a tennis prodigy who had won four consecutive junior tennis competitions in the United States . His father, Nanjiro Echizen , then calls him back to Tokyo so Ryoma can attend Seishun Academy Middle School , or Seigaku (for short), which is famous for its strong tennis team. Although, due to Ryoma's seemingly cocky attitude, his initial encounter with some of the members of the Seigaku tennis club leads to a match, which pits Ryoma against an upperclassman (or " senpai ").

"Note: Begins the Introductory story arc."Graphic novel list

OriginalRelDate = April 4 , 2000

OriginalISBN = 4-08-872851-3 cite web|url=|title=テニスの王子様/2|許斐 剛|ジャンプコミックス|BOOKNAVI|集英社|publisher= Shueisha |accessdate=2008-09-06|language=Japanese]

LicensedRelDate = July 14 , 2004

LicensedISBN = 1-59116-436-2 cite web|url=|title=VIZ Media - The Prince of Tennis, Vol. 2|publisher= VIZ Media |accessdate=2008-09-06|language=English]

*Genius 008. nihongo|Snake Fangs|マムシの牙|Mamushi no Kiba

*Genius 009. nihongo|Trap|罠|Wana

*Genius 010. nihongo|A Contest of Wills|マインド ゲーム|Maindo Gēmu

*Genius 011. nihongo|Want to Defeat a Guy|やっつけたい奴|Yattsuke Tai Yatsu

*Genius 012. nihongo|Still Two Balls Lefts|届かない|Todoka Nai

*Genius 013. nihongo|Pride of a Third Year|3年の貫禄!|3 Nen no Kanroku!

*Genius 014. nihongo|There's Still More to See|まだまだ|Madamada

*Genius 015. nihongo|The Weight of Half a Step|スピリットステップ ~半歩の重み~|Supiritto suteppu ~Han Ho no Omomi ~

*Genius 016. nihongo|The Cocky Rookie|生意気な新入生|Namaiki na Rūkī

VolumeExtras =;Volume title

Summary = The start of the Inter-School Ranking Tournament, which determines the regular players of the Seigaku Tennis Team, begins. Everyone is surprised to find that Ryoma, a freshman, is included in the Tournament. In his journey to become a regular, Ryoma has to defeat two of his upperclassmen; one that uses snake-like techniques, and another that can calculate their opponent's moves.Graphic novel list

OriginalRelDate = July 2 , 2000

OriginalISBN = 4-08-872876-9 cite web|url=|title=テニスの王子様/3|許斐 剛|ジャンプコミックス|BOOKNAVI|集英社|publisher= Shueisha |accessdate=2008-09-06|language=Japanese]

LicensedRelDate = September 7 , 2004

LicensedISBN = 1-59116-437-0 cite web|url=|title=VIZ Media - The Prince of Tennis, Vol. 3|publisher= VIZ Media |accessdate=2008-09-06|language=English]

*Genius 017. nihongo|Have Mercy|お手やわらかに|Ote Yawaraka ni

*Genius 018. nihongo|Guys with Great Determination|負けず嫌いな奴ら|Makezugirai na Yatsura

*Genius 019. nihongo|Akaya Kirihara|切原赤也!!|Kirihara Akaya

*Genius 020. nihongo|Street Tennis|ストリート テニス|Sutorīto Tenisu

*Genius 021. nihongo|District Competition Starts|地区予選開始!|Chiku Yosen Kaishi!

*Genius 022. nihongo|Getting Revenge|カリを返せ!!|Kari o Kaese!!

*Genius 023. nihongo|Loss on First Match?|緒戦敗退!?|Shosen Haitai!?

*Genius 024. nihongo|Double Team|ダブルス|Daburusu

*Genius 025. nihongo|Advancing to District Finals|進む地区予選!|Susumu Chiku Yosen!

VolumeExtras =;Volume title

Summary = "Note: Begins the District Tournament story arc."Graphic novel list

OriginalRelDate = August 4 , 2000

OriginalISBN = 4-08-872896-3 cite web|url=|title=テニスの王子様/4|許斐 剛|ジャンプコミックス|BOOKNAVI|集英社|publisher= Shueisha |accessdate=2008-09-06|language=Japanese]

LicensedRelDate = November 11 , 2004

LicensedISBN = 1-59116-438-9 cite web|url=|title=VIZ Media - The Prince of Tennis, Vol. 4|publisher= VIZ Media |accessdate=2008-09-06|language=English]

*Genius 026. nihongo|The Black Unit-Fudomine|黒い軍団不動峰|Kuroi Gundan Fudoumine

*Genius 027. nihongo|Seishun vs. Fudomine|青学VS不動峰|Ao Gaku VS Fudoumine

*Genius 028. nihongo|Genius vs. Power|天才VS波動球|Tensai VS Hadō Dama

*Genius 029. nihongo|Everyone's Opponent|それぞれの対戦相手|Sorezore no Taisen Aite

*Genius 030. nihongo|Ace of Speed|スピードのエース|Supīdo no Ēsu

*Genius 031. nihongo|Watch Out for the Snake!|スネイクを凌駕しろ!|Suneiku o Ryōga Shiro

*Genius 032. nihongo|What the Phantom Snake Brought. |幻のブーメランスネイクがもたらしたもの…|Maboroshi no Būmeransuneiku ga Motarashi ta Mono.

*Genius 033. nihongo|Small Fist Pump|小さなガッツポーズ|Chīsana Gattsupōzu

*Genius 034. nihongo|Ryoma's Single Debut|越前リョーマ 公式戦シングルスデビュー|Echizen ryōma Kōshiki Sen Shingurusu Debyū

VolumeExtras =;Volume title

Summary = Graphic novel list

OriginalRelDate = October 4 , 2000

OriginalISBN = 4-08-873024-0 cite web|url=|title=テニスの王子様/5|許斐 剛|ジャンプコミックス|BOOKNAVI|集英社|publisher= Shueisha |accessdate=2008-09-06|language=Japanese]

LicensedRelDate = January 4 , 2005

LicensedISBN = 1-59116-439-7 cite web|url=|title=VIZ Media - The Prince of Tennis, Vol. 5|publisher= VIZ Media |accessdate=2008-09-06|language=English]

*Genius 035. nihongo|Shock the World|ド肝を抜け!|Do Kimo o Nuke!

*Genius 036. nihongo|Mutter, Mutter|ぼやき|Boyaki

*Genius 037. nihongo|Spot|スポット|Supotto

*Genius 038. nihongo|The Decision|決断|Ketsudan

*Genius 039. nihongo|Ten-Minute Limit|10分のタイムリミット|10 Bunno Taimurimitto

*Genius 040. nihongo|Champion|王者|Ōja

*Genius 041. nihongo|Go, Sushi, Go|寿司屋でGO!|Sushi Ya De GO!

*Genius 042. nihongo|New Challenge|新たなる試練|Arata Naru Shiren

*Special Short Story. nihongo|The Prince of Tennis|テニスの王子様

VolumeExtras =;Volume title

Summary = Note: Ends the District Tournament story arc.

Volume 06 - Sign of Strength

"Note: Begins the City Tournament story arc."

*Genius 043. Sign of Strength

*Genius 044. Game Faces (Two Weeks Before the Tournament)

*Genius 045. What's Going On?

*Genius 046. Half Court vs. Full Court--5-Rally Match (Part 1)

*Genius 047. Half Court vs. Fully Court--5-Rally Match (Part 2)

*Genius 048. Karupin's Big Adventure (The Day Before the Tournament)

*Genius 049. Opening Day

*Genius 050. These Guys Are Too Good

*Genius 051. Contact Under Water

Volume 07 - St. Rudolph's Best

*Genius 052. Best 8 Assembled

*Genius 053. Dark Clouds

*Genius 054. Momo & Kaidoh

*Genius 055. St. Rudolph's Best

*Genius 056. Akazawa Magic

*Genius 057. Oishi & Kikumaru

*Genius 058. Battle!

*Genius 059. Ambush!

*Genius 060. Perfect Scenario

*Prince of Tennis: Special Version"'

Volume 08 - Change the Script!

*Genius 061. Trump Card

*Genius 062. Deep Power

*Genius 063. Tiebreaker

*Genius 064. In and Out

*Genius 065. Miscalculation

*Genius 066. Smashing Out

*Genius 067. Change the Script!!

*Genius 069. Left On Left

*Genius 070. Hit the Target!

*Genius 071. Yuta's Retort

*Genius 072. Bag of Tricks

*Genius 073. Drive B

*Genius 074. No Fooling

*Genius 075. Hajime vs. Shusuke

*Genius 076. Easy or Difficult?

*Genius 077. Top Seed and Dark Horse

*Genius 078. Renewed Resolve

*The Prince of Tennis Exposé"'

Volume 10 - Seize the Moment!

"Note: The English version produced by Viz Media censors Jin Akutsu's underage smoking, altering the cigarette to a toothpick."

*Genius 079. Sweet Tooth

*Genius 080. Target

*Genius 081. Self-Introduction (Part 1)

*Genius 082. Self-Introduction (Part 2)

*Genius 083. For Tomorrow.

*Genius 084. Play for Keeps

*Genius 085. Seize the Moment!

*Genius 086. Challenge

*Genius 087. Stubborn

Volume 11 - Premonition of a Storm

*Genius 088. Seishun's No. 1 Fox

*Genius 089. Three Monsters

*Genius 090. First Semifinal Match (Fudomine vs. Yamabuki)

*Genius 091. Premonition of a Storm

*Genius 092. National Level

*Genius 093. The Minami and Higashigata Pair

*Genius 094. Plain and Simple

*Genius 095. A Lucky Beggar

*Genius 096. No. 3 Singles

*Genius 097. Trickster

*Genius 098. Determination

*Genius 099. Jack Knife

*Genius 100. Drive A

*Genius 101. Jin Akutsu--Prodigy

*Genius 102. Once in a Decade Phenom

*Genius 103. Invincible Man

*Genius 104. Steppingstone

*Genius 105. Natural

Volume 13 - Akutsu's Pride/Ryoma's Courage

*Genius 106. Unbecoming

*Genius 107. Akutsu's Pride/Ryoma's Courage

*Genius 108. Beyond Victory

*Genius 109. Possibility

*Genius 110. Mixed Ranking Match

*Genius 111. Intra-Squad Ranking Matches

*Genius 112. Block A

*Genius 113. Data Does Not Lie

*Genius 114. Superior Data Tennis

Volume 14 - The Strongest Man in Seigaku

*Genius 115. The Strongest Man in Seigaku

*Genius 116. Dark Clouds

*Genius 117. A Challenging Spirit

*Genius 118. Birth of the New Seigaku's Strongest Army

*Genius 119. Gathering of Rivals

*Genius 120. A New Combination!?

*Genius 121. Ryo Once Again

*Genius 122. Hyotei vs Seigaku

*Genius 123. Where is Ryoma?

Volume 15 - Inui/Kaidoh Pair

*Genius 124. Acrobatic Tennis Showdown

*Genius 125. As a Senpai

*Genius 126. Three Person Doubles

*Genius 127. Who's the Amateur?

*Genius 128. Inui/Kaidoh Pair

*Genius 129. Endurance vs. Endurance

*Genius 130. Reaction Time

*Genius 131. Trust

*Genius 132. Super Combo

*Genius 133. Clumsy

*Genius 134. Last Tennis

*Genius 135. Power Game

*Genius 136. Taka's Hadokyu

*Genius 137. Victory Is Certain!

*Genius 138. Hadokyu vs. Hadokyu

*Genius 139. Shusuke Fuji

*Genius 140. Jiro Wakes Up

Volume 17 - Waltzing Toward Destruction

*Genius 141. Jiro Akutagawa

*Genius 142. White Whale

*Genius 143. Guys on the Move

*Genius 144. Battle of the Best

*Genius 145. Insight Into Weakness

*Genius 146. Truth Revealed!

*Genius 147. Captain Yamato

*Genius 148. Waltzing Toward Destruction

*Genius 149. Endurance

Volume 18 - Ace in the Hole

*Genius 150. Closest Thing to Glory

*Genius 151. Cheer

*Genius 152. Unpredictable

*Genius 153. Illusion

*Genius 154. Ace in the Hole

*Genius 155. Love Overthrow

*Genius 156. Optimum Pace

*Genius 157. Passed the First Round

*Genius 158. Bowling, Go!

Volume 19 - Goodbye Tennis

*Genius 159. The Prince Of Bowling

*Genius 160. Tezuka's Journey

*Genius 161. The New Oishi Regime

*Genius 162. The Skill Of Saitama's Midoriyama Jr. High

*Genius 163. Endurance

*Genius 164. To Each Their Own Battle

*Genius 165. Kids

*Genius 166. Follow The Rhythm

*Genius 167. Sengoku VS Kamio

Volume 20 - Their Respective Fight

*Genius 168. The Man With The Long Racket

*Genius 169. Seigaku VS Rokkaku

*Genius 170. Their Own Style Of Tennis

*Genius 171. Showdown

*Genius 172. Beware Of "THAT"!

*Genius 173. The New Style Of Hadoukyuu

*Genius 174. Initiative

*Genius 175. Local Skirmish

*Genius 176. He Returned It.

Volume 21 - Kikumaru's New Step

*Genius 177. Adversity

*Genius 178. Kikumaru's New Step

*Genius 179. Moment of Confusion

*Genius 180. Pressure

*Genius 181. Aoi Kentarou

*Genius 182. First Contact

*Genius 183. Kaidoh Kaoru's Tennis

*Genius 184. Remains of a Scar

*Genius 185. vs. Rikkai Mode

Volume 22- Surprise Attack

*Genius 186. Surprise Attack

*Genius 187. 2 Minutes 11 Seconds

*Genius 188. Sign of Dangerous Mode

*Genius 189. Terrifying Knuckle Serve

*Genius 190. Merciless Attacks

*Genius 191. Ryoma Awakens

*Genius 192. Proof of Awakening

*Genius 000. Legend of the Samurai

Volume 23- Kantou Tournament Finals

*Genius 193. The Law of Rikkai Dai Fuzoku

*Genius 194. The Terror of Red Eyes

*Genius 195. Kantou Tournament Finals

*Genius 196. Preemptive Punch!

*Genius 197"' – Despair

*Genius 198. As Rivals

*Genius 199. This is Our Answer

*Genius 200"' – Pride

*Genius 201. Pride 2

*Genius 202. Golden Pair Revived

*Genius 203. Kikumaru's Vow

*Genius 204. No-sign Combination Play

*Genius 205. The Gentleman and the Trickster

*Genius 206. Two Lasers

*Genius 207. Oishi Territory

*Genius 208"' – Checkmate

*Genius 209. Yanagi Renji vs Inui Sadaharu

*Genius 210. 4 Years 2 Months and 15 Days

*Genius 211. Collapse of Data Tennis

*Genius 212. Probability of Victory

*Genius 213"' – Memories

*Genius 214. 3 Straight Losses for Seigaku

*Genius 215. The Champions Who Do Not Permit Losing

*Genius 216. Kirihara Akaya vs Fuji Syusuke

*Genius 217. A Trap Aiming for a Moment's Chance

*Genius 218"' – Catalyst

*Genius 219. And Fuji Smiles

*Genius 220. In a Pinch, a Hidden Miracle

*Genius 221. Place of Arrival

*Genius 222"' – Finale

*Genius 223. Feeling of Existence

*Genius 224. Here Comes Ryoma

*Genius 225. Echizen Ryoma vs Sanada Genichirou

*Genius 226. An Existence That Transcends Self-Actualization

*Genius 227. A Shocking Fact

*Genius 228. One Who Falls with Despair

*Genius 229. Until the Very Last Point

Volume 27- The Captain's Decision

*Genius 230. Seigaku's Pillar of Support

*Genius 231. Extraordinary Kid

*Genius 232"' – Recollections

*Genius 233. A High Wall, Therefore

*Genius 234. The Captain's Decision

*Genius 235. The Number One Person Who Hates Losing

*Genius 236. A New Messenger

*Genius 237. Seigaku's Summer Vacaction

Volume 28 - Hyoutei Rhapsody

*Genius 238. The Greatest Terror in History

*Genius 239. The Approaching Nightmare: Silver Seat

*Genius 240. A Strange Encounter

*Genius 241. Ryoma's Girlfriend

*Genius 242. Hyoutei Rhapsody

*Genius 243. The Sleeping Lion

*Genius 244. A Place where the Top Talents gather once every 10 years

*Wild 1 (Genius 245). Tough Guy

*Wild 2 (Genius 246). Treasure

Volume 29 - Curtains Rise for the Nationals

*Wild 3 (Genius 247). Goodbye Pei-chan. and

*Genius 248. The Curtains Rise for the Nationals

*Genius 249. Return of Tezuka

*Genius 250. Oishi's Decision

*Genius 251. Curtains Rise for the Nationals!!

*Genius 252. The Skill of Okinawa's Higa Jr. High

*Genius 253. A Lone Man's Battle

*Genius 254. Seigaku vs. Higa

*Genius 255. One Shot Killer Big Bang

*Genius 256. Each's Service Game

*Genius 257. 1 Point Difference

*Genius 258. Final Measures

*Genius 259. I Hate Gouya

*Genius 260. Counterattack

*Genius 261. The spirit of an Artisan

*Genius 262. A Choice

*Genius 263. Determination Towards Victory

*Genius 264. Fourth Counter: Kagerou Zutsumi

Volume 31 - A Clever Scheme!? Kikumaru's Singles Match

*Genius 265. A Clever Scheme!? Kikumaru's Singles Match

*Genius 266. The Provision for that Promise

*Genius 267. Serious Mode

*Genius 268. The Place to be Found

*Genius 269. The man called "The Hitman"

*Genius 270. Advice

*Genius 271. Complete Revival

*Genius 272. Hyaku Ren Jitoku no Kiwami

*Genius 273. The best 8 Gathers

Volume 32 - Tricky Fellows

*Genius 274. Tricky Fellows

*Genius 275. The Unreadable Man

*Genius 276. The Origins of Strength

*Genius 277. The Bloody Showdown

*Genius 278. Lighting the Heart on Fire

*Genius 279. Short-term battle

*Genius 280. Probability. 100%

*Genius 281. The Unbeatable Man

*Genius 282. Tezuka's Close Call

Volume 33 - Tezuka Kunimitsu in Kyushu

*Genius 283. Tezuka Kyuushuu Arc 1

*Genius 284. Tezuka Kyuushuu Arc 2

*Genius 285. Tezuka Kyuushuu Arc 3

*Genius 286. Tezuka Kyuushuu Arc 4

*Genius 287. The One Who Has Mastered It

*Genius 288. Accident

*Genius 289. Hyoutei's Golden Pair

*Genius 290. Double Peak Battle

*Genius 291. Overcome

*Genius 292. The Infinite Possibilities of Doubles

*Genius 293. Synchro

*Genius 294. Birth of the True Golden Pairs

*Genius 295. A Game One can Be Satisfied With

*Genius 296. The Self-Centered Pair

*Genius 297. Fierce Clash! Echizen Ryoma vs Atobe Keigo

*Genius 298. Prelude to the Battle

*Genius 299. World of Ice

*Genius 300. An Approach to Perfection

*Genius 301. Supporting Seigaku's Pillar

*Genius 302. The Value Of Ryoma's Experience

Volume 35 - Farewell, Hyoutei Gakuen

*Genius 303. Decision For Victory

*Genius 304. Who's the Winner

*Genius 305. First Defeat

*Genius 306. Two Princes

*Genius 307. Shitenhouji's Skill

*Genius 308. The Desire to be close to that person, even if it's just one more step

*Genius 309. Atonement

*Genius 310. Wild Lion

*Genius 311. The Man who researched beneath the surface of Muga

*Genius 312. Saiki Kanpatsu no Kiwami

Volume 36 - Heated Battle! Seigaku VS Shitenhouji

*Genius 313. Order Announced

*Genius 314. Heated Battle! Seigaku VS Shitenhouji

*Genius 315. The Perfect Man

*Genius 316. One Rank Above

*Genius 317. Fuji's Desperation

*Genius 318. Bible vs Genius

*Genius 319. The Gate that has been shut hard

*Genius 320. My Time

*Genius 321. Period

Volume 37 - The Terror of Comic Tennis

*Genius 322. The Terror of Comic Tennis

*Genius 323. Comepri

*Genius 324. Grasp the Poker Face

*Genius 325. Be Stubborn

*Genius 326. Prince of Impressions

Hitouji Yuuji and Koharu's Love Chapter

*Genius 327. Because We Are Rivals

*Genius 328. Creator

*Genius 329. Seigaku's Extra Baggage

*Genius 330. The Greatest Respect

*Genius 331. The Last Tennis Match

Volume 38 - The Fierce Battle! 1-Ball Match: Echizen Ryoma VS Tooyama Kintarou

*Genius 332. The Stage is Set

*Genius 333. Hyaku Ren Jitoku vs Saikikanpatsu

*Genius 334. Absolute Prediction

*Genius 335. One's Own Threshold

*Genius 336. The Final Battle

*Genius 337. The Fierce Battle! 1-Point Match: Echizen Ryoma vs Tooyama Kintarou

*Genius 338. Devil

*Genius 339. The Whereabouts of the One-Point Match

*Genius 340. Towards the Prince of Tennis

*Genius 341. Tonight is a Yakiniku Party

Volume 39 - Outbreak! Yakiniku Battle!!

*Genius 342. Outbreak! Yakiniku Battle!!

*Genius 343. Requiem to the Fallen

*Genius 344. Farewell Yakiniku sauce

The Golden Flavor

*Genius 345. Where is Ryoma?

*Genius 346. Animosity

*Genius 347. Lightning and Shadow

*Genius 348. FuuRinKaInZanRai

*Genius 349. Defeated Tezuka Zone

*Genius 350. Conviction

*Genius 351. Captain and Vice-Captain

Volume 40 - The Prince Who Forgot Tennis

*Genius 352. Certain Expectation

*Genius 353. The Whereabouts of the Ball

*Genius 354. The Prince who forgot Tennis

*Genius 355. Broken Spirit

*Genius 356. The Master Beast Tamer

*Genius 357. Straight and Curved

*Genius 358. Kaidou Awakens

*Genius 359. Nightmare

*Genius 360. Fuji Syuusuke vs Tezuka Kunimitsu

Volume 41 - The Final Battle! The Prince VS the Child of God

*Genius 361. Thought Beyond 2 Years

*Genius 362. Fuji Syuusuke's Great Wall - 2nd Match

*Genius 363. With Close Eyes, Myheart Feels You

*Genius 364. Trickery

*Genius 365. Time, Moving Once Again

*Genius 366. Remember

*Genius 367. 1 Piece of Memory

*Genius 368. Bonds

*Genius 369. Join With Ryoma

*Genius 370. Reinforcements

*Genius 371. Final Battle! The Prince vs The Child of God

Volume 42 - Dear Prince (Released on the 4th of June 2008)

*Genius 372. Final Battle! The Prince vs The Child of God 2

*Genius 373. Final Battle! The Prince vs The Child of God 3

*Genius 374. Final Battle! The Prince vs The Child of God 4

*Genius 375. Final Battle! The Prince vs The Child of God 5

*Genius 376. Final Battle! The Prince vs The Child of God 6

*Genius 377. Final Battle! The Prince vs The Child of God 7

*Genius 378. Final Battle! The Prince vs The Child of God 8

*Genius 379. Dear Prince

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List of The Prince of Tennis characters — The Prince of Tennis manga and anime series has a large cast of fictional characters created by Takeshi Konomi. Many of have appeared in the musical and film adaptations. The cast of the series is largely made up of the members of the various… … Wikipedia

The Prince of Tennis — Cover of the Viz English version of The Prince of Tennis volume 1 テニスの王子様 (Tenisu no Ōjisama) … Wikipedia

List of The Rose of Versailles episodes — This is a list of episodes of The Rose of Versailles anime series, based on the manga of the same title by Riyoko Ikeda. The anime was directed by Tadao Nagahama and Osamu Dezaki. The series consists of 40 episodes and 1 recapitulation. The anime … Wikipedia

The Prince of Tennis (film) — The Prince of Tennis Directed by Yuichi Abe Written by Story: Takeshi Konomi Screenplay: Yuichi Abe Daisuke Habara Starring Kanata Hongo Yuu Shirota Hi … Wikipedia

The End of Evangelion — Theatrical release poster Directed by Episode 25 : Kazuya Tsurumaki Episode 26 : Hideaki Anno … Wikipedia

List of Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo characters — The universe of the anime and manga series Bobobo bo Bo bobo is a home to a wide array of fictional characters. Contents 1 Main characters 1.1 Bobobo bo Bo bobo 1.2 Beauty 1.3 … Wikipedia

List of Chinese inventions — A bronze Chinese crossbow mechanism with a buttplate (the wooden components have … Wikipedia

List of works published posthumously — The following is a list of works that were published, performed or distributed posthumously (after the parties involved in its creation died). Contents 1 Drama 2 Films 2.1 Films whose director died before the release … Wikipedia

List of GetBackers characters — The following is a list of fictional characters featured in the manga and anime series GetBackers. Japanese names are in Western order (given name, then surname). Contents 1 Protagonists 1.1 Ban Midou 1.2 Ginji Amano 2 … Wikipedia

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