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Tutorial: Making the Wreath, Nest Handmade

Nest Handmade

With so many compliments on my holiday wreaths, I thought I’d share directions. Of course, I am always happy to create one for you for much less than the cost of buying a mass-produced wreath at your local store.

– a grapevine wreath (your choice of size) – be sure to check the shape. Because these are made from woody vines, they may not be round. Try to find the most round wreath you can.

– garland – I’ve made this wreath with faux evergreen garland and with tinsel-type garland. Both work beautifully.

– Approx. 50 Christmas ball ornaments – Preferably unbreakable but glass ornaments also work. You can use varying sizes if you want to. It’s also nice to use differing textures or finishes – shiny, matte, frosted, glittery. Remove the gold clasp into which ornament hooks slip. It’s best to take them off so you aren’t attaching the ornaments to your wreath by something that can come off.

– high temp glue gun and LOTS of glue meltsticks

– pliers with a wire cutting edge

– YOU CHOOSE: 3″ ribbon for hanging OR floral wire. It’s possible to make this wreath so it hangs by a floral wire hook rather than a ribbon.

Lay out your supplies because once the glue starts flowing, you want to keep moving. Heat up your glue gun and be very careful! Keep extra glue sticks handy. Lay out newspapers or something to protect your work surface.

Place your grapevine wreath on the work surface. Remove any loose leaves or random twigs that poke out. Determine which side looks best and which orientation makes the wreath the most round. If you are going to hang the wreath with a floral wire hook and want a complete circle wreath on the front, now is the time to flip the wreath over and loop 5-6 inches of wire through a few layers of vines. I would make double loops – maybe even triple loops. Be sure to twist the ends tightly to ensure your wreath doesn’t slide right off your door!

Begin adding ornaments to the wreath. Heavily glue the end of the ornament where the gold clasp used to be. It often will tuck in nicely between the grapevines. Hold it steady until the glue begins to harden.

Try to stagger the ornaments by color and texture. Plan at least two deep from inside the circle to the outside and vary it with three deep every few “rows.” The point is to not have a strict formation but make it look more random. Don’t worry about gaps between ornaments – that’s what the garland is for!

Leave a three inch section free of ornaments at the top of your wreath. This is where your ribbon will go. Be sure to measure the space with the ribbon you chose. If you’re hanging your wreath with wire, ignore this section and keep on gluing!

When you have placed balls all the way around the wreath, have someone hold it and step back about five feet. Look for lopsidedness and empty spaces. Then fill them in!

When you’re satisfied with the ornaments, get out your garland. If you’re using greenery, begin snipping 4″ sections using the wire cutters. I twisted the ends of two or three of these together to create a little bunch of greenery. If you’re using tinsel garland, snip 4″ sections. Play around with it – double it up, etc,. – to see how thick it becomes. If you’re using it to fill in spaces, it needs to be bulky enough to do some hiding.

Be really careful with the glue gun here – it’s easy to accidentally stick your fingers in the glue as you’re pressing it into place. I’m pretty sure I can commit the perfect crime and get away with it because I have burned off my fingerprints!

If you’ve chosen to hang your wreath with a ribbon, loop it through the wreath and bring both ends to the top. Tie a knot before adding a pretty bow. You don’t want the wreath to fall off the door!

Other articles

Rectangular Wreath, The Art of Doing StuffThe Art of Doing Stuff

Rectangular Wreath

So sure, I could have stopped at the Square Christmas Wreath. But I didn’t.

I didn’t stop at the square wreath because I am a rebel the likes of which you have never seen. I run with scissors, use Canadian coins in American parking meters and drink almost expired milk. I am rebel, hear me pour.

Using the same materials and methods I used for the Square Christmas Wreath made out of plumbing pipe, I created this wreath. It’s not circular, it’s not square. It’s a rectal wreath. No. Rectangular is the word I was looking for. It’s a rectangular wreath.

I put it together out of old stuff my niece was going to throw out. My niece throws a lot of things out. She certainly isn’t a hoarder. She’s a part of the lesser known subcategory of mental illnesses. She’s a Chucker. Don’t ever give her presents. In one of her frequent mad fits she will chuck it. Many a thing has been chucked from her basement, drawers and garage. On more than one occasion I’ve seen her open up her closet only to stare into it, rapidly blinking, realizing she’s chucked all but one pair of jeans. Blink, blink.

So before she had a chance to ditch all of her old Christmas garland, pinecones and lights I grabbed the box and ran home with it. Along with a pair of slightly used Sevens.

In making this wreath, the only change I made was the length of the plastic pipes, AND I used some PVC cement at the joints. With such a big wreath, it’s a lot heavier and more prone to falling apart. (the pipes slip out of the elbows) Other than that, you make it exactly the same!

I hung the wreath on my front door for photographic purposes, but it is now hanging proudly on her front door. Where it will delight the neighbours and warm people’s hearts. Until she decides to chuck it.

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    Once again I am #awestruck.

    Karen, you gotta come up here to Yellowknife and do some kind of “The Art of Doing Stuff whilst wearing a Canada Goose Parka”.

    Because supplies aren’t always easy to get up here and because skilled labour is conspicuously absent, we have a DIY culture up here (I’m a misfit) and We’d LOVE YOU. Come up?

    Nancy – I’d actually LOVE to go to Yellowknife, but at the moment it isn’t what you’d call “monetarily possible”. I *am* ready for when the time comes though. I own a Canada Goose parka. Perhaps I could sell it to fund my trip. 🙂

    I gotta say, the “rectal wreath” thing made my eyebrows go up.

    thanks for smile and great idea (again)

    I am in love with this website. Thank you for sharing your wisdom! I Iook forward to following you!

    🙂 Thanks Sherry! Welcome to the site. I swear the odd time and often have poor lighting in my pictures. Please enjoy!

    The swearing is the reason I show up each day. It just warms my heart! ;0)

    You just diagnosed me: I’m a Chucker. My husband is a Saver. Our attic is a disaster area for which I’ve abandoned all hope.

    Rectal wreath…ohhhhhhhhhhhh. Okay.

    I can’t wait to see what your google search look like after this post.

    Great job by the way!

    I see you “renamed” the title of this post? I do admit the original was a bit “offputting” and a curiosity to see what you had done. I love your posts, so keep up the good work!

    Hi Anna! I did rename the post, but not because it was off putting … I renamed it because there were problems with the link to it. I tried renaming it to fix the link. 🙂 I have nooooo problem with being off putting. 🙂

    Oh,Karen, you never fail to make me smile. Rectal wreath BHAHAHA! And it is absolutely stunning! My bf (ex, sometimes…well, too long of a story) ANYway, he is a chucker, throws out everything and drives me nuts!

    Oh, my! I have GOT to go raid my hubby’s plumbing stuff. I love it! It would be perfect to go around the oval window in my front door!

    your rectal area is certainly cuter than mine.

    Am I seeing things? It looks like an animal behind the silver leaves? It’s in all pics but most notably in the second one. Love the wreath so I plan on making my own. Thanks for the post!

    I am eagerly awaiting your trapezoidal or dodecahedron wreath. Or perhaps a PVC Star of David?

    Oh, I looooove the rectangular wreath. So luscious.

    What does your workspace/craft station look like?

    My apologies if you have covered this interesting aspect of your life previously. I am about to go to bed and feel confident that I would have already fallen across it if it existed. I <3 your blog.

    When you get more famous and get your own show, can I be your sidekick? I have all the credentials – cute, funny, witty, snappy dresser, inability to take teasing well…..all qualities you want in an imaginary sidekick right?

    High Five to you sister! Awesome project.

    Wow, good eye, Patrice! It looks like a bat. Beautiful wreath, Karen. I love how tall it is!

    What is the critter behind the wreath… cat or bat?? I love to come see you everyday… I have done many of your projects with my great grandchildren… they think I am the clever one and I don’t wanna break there little hearts… sooo I haven’t given you credit yet… LOL.

    Wow, what a stunning wreath!! I love it! I am going to make this for my front door this weekend! A great prodject to do with my daughters 11 and 7. Thanks so much for posting! I LOVE your website and get so much inspiration from it!! I’ve been hunting for the white glass globes, and have found 4. Can’t wait to start that project. And oh the beautiful fire pit!! I am also going to the dollar store to make the hostess gifts, so clever!! You are so awesome, and Thank you so much.

    Thanks Kelly! I’m glad you’re going to get some use out of my posts! Have fun with it all. 🙂

    I just found your website, from, and I love it. Thank you for being honest and funny and crafty! And I do see a bat behind the wreath, unless it’s a stuffed animal.

    Sky – LOL. I’ll have to go take another look. Thanks for browsing my website! I appreciate it. In an honest, funny, crafty kind of way.

    I love your site. This wreath is great and The Tree Stump Table was awesome. You really are a very talented girl!

    Thanks Vandana. 🙂 I’m sitting on the couch beside the tree stump table at this very moment.

    Soooo….there truly is a critter in that wreath, right? I’m thinking cat, but….how the heck would a kitty come to be hanging out in a wreath? I swear it looks real/alive….

    Luvin your blog. 😀

    I’m betting the mystery bat/cat is actually a cast iron door knocker. A fox head perhaps?

    Perfume Genius – Wreath Lyrics, Genius Lyrics

    Wreath Perfume Genius Wreath Lyrics

    Burn off every trace

    I wanna hover with no shape

    I wanna feel the days go by

    I'm gonna call out every name

    Until the one I'm meant to take

    I see the sun go down

    I see the sun come up

    I see a light beyond the frame

    I see the sun go down

    I see the sun come up

    I see a wreath upon the grave

    No light, no sound

    I see the sun go down

    I see the sun come up

    I'm moving just beyond the frame

    I see the sun go down

    I see the sun come up

    I see a wreath upon the grave

    Burn off every trace

    I wanna hover with no shape

    I wanna feel the days go by

    I'm gonna peel off every weight

    Until my body gives away

    I see the sun go down

    I see the sun come up

    I'm moving just beyond the frame

    I see the sun go down

    I see the sun come up

    I see a wreath upon the grave

    About “Wreath”

    This song is about Mike’s bad relationship with his body. He has Crohn’s disease, which makes him feel as if his body is betraying him. This song speaks of him wishing he could leave his body and live purely as himself without any gender or body holding him down.

    What have the artists said about the song?

    I am not a big fan of my body and would like to leave it. Not die, but retain all my thoughts and be free of my body. I have Crohn’s disease, which has caused me to not trust my insides. I feel betrayed by it. I am getting older, and that feels like a betrayal on the outside as well. I do not feel strongly connected to being a man or a woman, which was and still can be confusing. It also doesn’t feel attractive. I feel like it would be more attractive or at least easier to comprehend if I picked a side.

    I wrote this song and all the rest without words. I focused on the melody, the structure of it. I made sure it had a chorus and bridge — all things I have never done before because they felt like work. I really felt inspired by the work; it still felt instinctual and cathartic, but ‘adult, like I was taking charge. I sometimes felt like I lucked in to music, that I was an impostor. I am always scared when I sit down to write that nothing will come out. So it was fun to attempt capital ’M’ Music.

    Making Wreaths

    Making Wreaths

    Wreaths are much more than a circle of flowers or evergreens. They date back to ancient times. Greece, Persia and Rome were among many countries that worshipped evergreens such as laurel or holly – believing them to represent immortality.

    Even today symbolism is still very much in evidence. The circular shape of both Christmas and sympathy wreaths could represent the circle of life as the ring has no beginning or end, it could even represent God’s never ending love. And evergreens used in winter were often thought to signify the birth of new life as trees begin to grow again and flowers start to appear.

    Certainly decorating wreaths goes back centuries when the Romans used wreaths placed on doors to identify their houses – just as we would use a name or a number.

    These days we usually see them at Christmas time, beautiful evergreens decorating a front door, or as a sympathy tribute of gloriously coloured flowers.

    Types of Wreath

    A mossed wreath is ideal as a Christmas decoration. In the UK moss is protected and can’t be taken from its natural habitat without a licence. It can only be supplied through a registered supplier.

    The moss mainly used is sphagnum moss. It usually comes in bags and should be fresh and moist. Other moss used is Reindeer or lichen moss.

    Floral Foam Wreaths

    These days many florists use floral foam wreaths supplied by the wholesalers as mossing a wreath is very time consuming. Certainly they create a nice solid shape to work from, particularly in funeral work.

    Creating a Christmas Mossed Wreath

    Blue spruce or other evergreen; damp moss; 12 inch wire frame; a reel of wire; wreath wrap; stub wires; German pins; feathers; beads; baubles; door hook.

    • Lay out all your materials and clean the moss by removing any twigs, stones etc. Make sure the moss is sufficiently damp before gently teasing the moss apart
    • Attach some reel wire to your wire frame. Roll a handful of moss into a tight “sausage shape” and place this on the wired frame, packing it in tightly
    • Using the reel of wire, wire the moss to the frame. Repeat until the frame is completely covered. Ensure the moss is always tightly packed in while doing this. Once you have wired round once repeat the wiring again
    • The shape of the wreath should be even, so trim away any loose bits of moss for a good finish
    • Anchor the end of the reel wire into the firm moss
    • Double wire your fern pieces and start anchoring them in the side and top of the wreath until it is fully covered. Always ensure that the foliage is securely anchored into the moss and wire frame
    • Using the wreath, wrap back the other side of the wreath. Stretch the wrap over the frame anchoring with the German pins as you go.
    • Decorate your wreath by wiring any decorations. I used feathers, beads and baubles and then wired them into the frame but you can use anything festive.

    Creating a Floral Foam Sympathy Wreath

    Circular floral foam ring; five carnations; bunch spray carnations; leather leaf; gypsophilia; soft ruscus.

    • Lay out all your materials and clean and cut to size
    • Round off the edge of the floral foam and briefly soak. Do not over soak as this could lead to the arrangement dripping everywhere
    • Insert the leather leaf at a downward angle starting at the base on the outside and then on the inside
    • Place the carnations in and these should have the longest stems
    • Space them equally around the base
    • Add in the spray carnations between the carnations
    • Add the gypsophilia and ruscus equally between spray carnations and carnations. Check there are no gaps from any angle as not only will this tribute be looked at from above but also from the sides. If there are any gaps, fill in with foliage.

    Somewhat Quirky: How To Make A Wine Cork Wreath - Fall Fix-Up #5

    betting slip wreath making

    Sunday, October 21, 2012 How To Make A Wine Cork Wreath - Fall Fix-Up #5

    Uhh, Karen? Do we need to have a talk . . . ?

    which is usually fuller -

    a BUNCH of wine corks

    a BUNCH of toothpicks - the round kind, not the flat kind - they need to be strong

    a drill with a small drill bit (can be done without it, but this makes it much easier)

    Unwrap the plastic from around your wreath form.

    Drill holes in a bunch of wine corks. I like the ends that are colored with wine to show so I put the hole in the uncolored end. You can do it either way. It is good idea though to put the hole in the smaller end - see how this cork has expanded on the end that was closest to the wine? Most corks do this.

    Put toothpicks in each of the holes. Try to get at least 1/3 of the toothpick into the hole.

    Start sticking the toothpicks into the wreath form. Start at the bottom of the wreath. Put them in at an angle - approx 45 degrees or so.

    Do that until the bottom layer is complete.

    Start your second row in exactly the same manner.

    Turn your wreath over and insert a wire for hanging. This is actually easier to do before you make the wreath so you should probably do it first thing.

    Wow this one is shiny and fresh compared to my old one!


    How wonderful!! (Funny about the need to have a talk! Did you say yes, let's talk about it over a glass of wine?) That is one fabulous wreath!

    Oh My! And I thought I drank a lot of wine!! :) This wreath is just incredible!

    You and I would have a major contest going on, it would be close, but I do believe I could easily compete with you on who's the bigger wino! Now only you I would confine this in :->. I also would have no trouble in having hoards of supplies of wine corks! I a so glad you did too, love your cork wreath, quite cool. Oh yes, and every other cork project you got going on. From 1 cork head to another.

    This is definitely my favorite cork wreath ever! It is so so awesome. And if you ever need a drinking buddy let me know . I definitely don't judge the amount of corks . seems totally normal to me. :)

    Love this! I have saved a bunch of corks (But I have a lot more beer caps--I'll have to write a tutorial when I use these) and now I know what I can do with them!

    You're my kind of girl - we could have fabulous times together! Wanna hit a winery with me - the South of France - or just our local bar! I have tons of corks accumulating too with the thought to make a cool cork wreath too. Better start drinking - it's 5 o'clock somewhere after all!

    You make that look so simple & easy! Love it!

    What a fabulous wreath!

    Super clever you, though, get double benefits.

    Awesome! We've been saving our corks (and we're serious members of the wino club), just waiting for the right project to come along. . .this wreath is beautiful. I'll definitely be trying my hand at this one. Thanks for the tutorial!

    I love love love this wreath. i am going to have to save the corks for sure now. CHEERS and thank you for always giving us something quirky. hugs.

    I love this! Now I have a project to make with some of my wine corks! Good thing I've got a bunch! Found you through Hometalk. Following you now. Have a great week!

    Yep, I do have enough corks on hand to do one of these although I hate to admit it. I really love how this turned out. Now I have something new on my project list. Great idea, Karen.

    Love this! I have been saving corks for a while to make something. My problem is I'm a beer drinker so it takes a while but I do have lots of wine drinking friends!! One friend gave me a bag full not to long ago :) You say it takes lots of corks. Can you give me an approximate number. Would hate to get started and then not have enough to finish.

    Hi Karen! I have just had a great time perusing many of your posts

    great blog you have here. So nice stopping by to visit!

    Absolutly love this ! I happen to have quite a few corks myself ( and yes my sister thinks we need to talk too ) I am definatly going to give this a try. I found this post via HomeTalk ( thought you might like to know ) . Following now too :)

    Let's have a talk over a glass of Muscato. I love your creativeness.

    Your wreath is amazing Karen. In fact, I just love the look of them siting in a jar. I don't drink wine myself, but I know someone who does (and she actually drinks enough for both of us !!).

    wonderful item, i will attemp one this week, hope it looks as cool as yours, have you ever tried to sell your items?? also any idea around how many corks i need??

    Great tutorial & awesome cork wreath! I would LOVE for you to share this wreath at my Submarine Sunday link party!

    Wow, this looks amazing! You put a lot of work into it and it paid off :)

    You know my doctor tells me that wine is good for you and I really should drink some more since I love your wreath. maybe. -)

    I'd like to invite you to join me at the Clever Chicks Blog Hop this week!

    Kathy Shea Mormino

    The Chicken Chick

    Beautiful wreath! I am totally doing this. Thank you for such detailed instructions. now to dig out my bags of wine corks I've been collecting.

    One wino to another

    Just completed mine. Definitely use round tooth picks, and definitely drill a hole in each. I used a 14 inch wreath because I wanted to place a container in the middle for ice and 2 bottles of wine. I used almost 400 wine corks!

    I completed my wreath yesterday and it is awesome. I used an 18 inch straw wreath from Michael's. Followed your directions exactly. Finished it with a silk green wired bow. Used about 450 corks and it took 2 hours to complete.

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