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LAKE ELSINORE: Casino introduces off-track horse race betting - Press Enterprise

LAKE ELSINORE: Casino introduces off-track horse race betting Share this:

Penny Straus and Tracy Kaiser watch some of the horse races at the new off-track betting parlor at the Lake Elsinore Casino in Lake Elsinore on Thursday, July 14.

Customers watch some of the horse races at the new off-track betting parlor at the Lake Elsinore Casino in Lake Elsinore on Thursday, July 14. Lake Elsinore Casino now has off-track betting on horse races

Tracy Kaiser makes a bet on the horse races at the new off-track betting parlor at the Lake Elsinore Casino in Lake Elsinore on Thursday, July 14.

Penny Straus and Tracy Kaiser watch some of the horse races at the new off-track betting parlor at the Lake Elsinore Casino in Lake Elsinore on Thursday, July 14.

Customers watch some of the horse races at the new off-track betting parlor at the Lake Elsinore Casino in Lake Elsinore on Thursday, July 14.

Horse racing fans can now bet the ponies within the Lake Elsinore Casino’s newly renovated bar and restaurant.

Just don’t call it a betting parlor, says casino owner Ted Kingston.

“I wanted to have something that doesn’t bring up the old image of a parlor,” he said. “I don’t like the word ‘parlor.’ … We’re offering a brighter, newer feel for enjoying any type of sport, including off-track betting.”

CJ’s Sports Grill & Turf Club is the essence of sleek — a complete overhaul of what had been the casino’s aging bar and restaurant.

In CJ’s, the two services unite with betting counters and machines in one spacious room, which is opened from 6 a.m. to 2 a.m. daily. In keeping with the sports theme, 60 big-screen TVs flash from nearly every inch of space along the walls and above the bar.

Kristen Fraser, who does marketing for several Jersey Mike’s restaurants in the area, said she has visited the casino along Interstate 15 for a couple of years.

“I was blown away,” she said of her reaction to the renovations. “It’s going to be incredible. I think it’s going to be a great attraction.”

“What a transformation,” remarked Murrieta resident Justin Perryman, while attending a function at CJ’s last week.

The most unique aspect, however, is the off-track betting, which the casino is able to offer through the auspices of the California Horse Racing Board and with permission of the city. Like all off-track betting authorized in California, state employees staff the teller stations, while six parimutuel machines are state run.

Nearly 30 licensed off-track betting emporiums operate statewide outside of racetracks, according to the horse racing board’s website. The closest to Lake Elsinore are ones at Lake Perris, Pomona and San Bernardino.

Norco‘s City Council voted to 2 1/2 years ago to allow a company to have horse-race wagering in a restaurant it is building, but the project remains unfinished.

“We’re the only off-track betting facility along I-15 in Southern California,” said Kingston, who has owned the casino since 1991.

“You can bet on horses across the country the same way you can at the track,” he said.

The recently opened service will be will become fully operational on Monday, July 25. From then on, it will be open seven days a week from 10 a.m. through the last race in the evening, Kingston said.

“I wanted to get something different to give us a special niche,” he said of his decision to pursue off-track betting. “I thought it would be a complete experience by being able to wager on horses.”

The service launched just days before the racing season opened Friday, July 15, at Del Mar, while Kingston expects CJ’s to host a Breeder’s Cup party in November when the event is staged at Santa Anita.

“It’s going to bring bodies through the door and it’s going to increase business,” he said of the race wagering.

Kim Cousins said he is pleased to have a place to wager within the city, where he heads the local chamber of commerce.

“I love the ponies,” Cousins said. “To come in here and bet the horses over a cocktail and dinner is a great opportunity.”

It also gives the city another venue for viewing pro and college football.

“This place is over the top with all these TVs,” he said.

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Buick Asks - The Onion - Where It Can Pick Up Trophy for Regal Idling Outside Off-Track Betting Parlor - The News Wheel

Buick Asks ‘The Onion’ Where It Can Pick Up Trophy for Regal Idling Outside Off-Track Betting Parlor

Buick, as you may well know, is in the midst of what could be charitably described as a brand reboot. Known for some time as the brand of choice for, let’s say, drivers of a somewhat more mature standing, GM has been working for the last several years to change the public’s perception of Buick to that of a hipper, younger, and decidedly hunkier product that is flush with tech and stylish enough to draw celebrity endorsements from big-time, dabbing football dudes.

In addition to building on the success of its “That’s Not a Buick” ad campaign and adding well-received products like the Envision and Cascada to its lineup, Buick managed to help its image as a fresher brand by rolling with the punches when The Onion named the 1978-1979 Buick Regal “Best Vehicle in Class for Idling Outside Off-Track Betting Parlor.”

Buick Regal Named Best Vehicle In Class For Idling Outside Off-Track Betting Parlor

According to an article from the parody periodical, the Regal just beat out the Chevy Malibu to win its third straight award for best midsize sedans for idling outside an off-track betting parlor from Car and Driver. The Onion quotes Eddie Alterman, legit editor-in-chief of Car and Driver, as saying that the Regal’s heated seats are “ideal for anyone who wanted to lay down a quick $50 trifecta before the window closed and then return to a cozy interior on the coldest of nights,” and that its fuel efficiency “lets you keep the car humming by the curb until you can find a way to get back in the green.”

It would have been easy in this case for Buick to take itself super seriously and launch a pointed insult back at The Onion’s Twitter account. It would have been just as easy for Buick’s social media manager to just ignore the tweet and keep on trucking. But, no, Buick’s Twitter person made the right call by rolling with the punches and responding: .@TheOnion So do we pick up the trophy outside or do we actually have to go in the Parlor to get it?

.@TheOnion So do we pick up the trophy outside or do we actually have to go in the Parlor to get it?

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Kyle S. Johnson lives in Cincinnati, a city known by many as "the Cincinnati of Southwest Ohio." He enjoys professional wrestling, Halloween, and also other things. He has been writing for a while, and he plans to continue to write well into the future. See more articles by Kyle.

Legislature to consider slots at off-track-betting parlors Online News

Online News Legislature to consider slots at off-track-betting parlors

A bill that would authorize video slot machines at many of the state’s off-track-betting facilities will get an airing Thursday in Hartford.

The measure is among 10 bills on which the General Assembly’s Public Safety and Security Committee will take testimony during a public hearing scheduled to start at 11:30 a.m. in Room 1C of the Legislative Office Building.

Proposed by Rep. Peggy Sayers, D-Windsor Locks, House Bill No. 5378 would allow slots at OTB facilities located within five miles of Interstates 91 or 95. No such measure could be enacted without the say-so of the Mashantucket Pequot and Mohegan tribes, owners of Foxwoods Resort Casino and Mohegan Sun, respectively, whose gaming agreements with the state give them the exclusive right to operate slots in Connecticut.

Sayers’ bill is aimed at countering the loss of revenue that could result from the proliferation of gaming facilities in neighboring states. A casino planned for Springfield, Mass., not far from Connecticut’s northern border, poses the most immediate threat to Connecticut’s casinos, which pay 25 percent of their gross slots revenue to the state.

Another party with an interest in the legislation is New Haven-based Sportech Venues, which operates the state’s 15 OTB facilities, including Copperwood Grill at 24 Eugene O’Neill Drive in New London.

In 2013, Sayers co-chaired a legislative task force that explored the possibility of adding slots at the state’s three major OTB facilities – the Bradley Teletheater in Windsor Locks, Sports Haven in New Haven and Bridgeport’s Shoreline Star. Sayers’ bill would authorize slots at those locations as well as at some of the smaller OTB facilities that are within five miles of the interstates. The Copperwood Grill is one of them.

Bill Cornish, Copperwood’s owner, was unaware of Sayers’ bill Tuesday.

“I’d love to see it,” he said of slots at his restaurant/OTB parlor. “It’s slow here. That would bring more people downtown and to my facility. I’m big on anything that will bring people downtown.”

However, Ted Taylor, the Sportech Venues president, said New London would not be the right place for slots.

“Why would the state and the casinos, which are just up the road, want to extend their reach there?” he said. “I can’t think of any way that would make sense.”

Taylor said Sportech Venues has spent about $10 million on its Connecticut facilities in the last few years and expects to invest a similar sum this year, much of it in a Stamford project on which its partnering with Bobby Valentine, the former major league baseball player and manager. Sportech employs 365 people in the state, 95 of them at the Bradley Teletheater, which opened Bobby V’s, a Valentine restaurant and sports bar, in January 2014.

“The state and the tribes will determine what happens here. We’re a tiny player,” Taylor said, referring to Sayers’ bill. “We want to protect our interests.”

Off-track betting - Download Facebook Videos

Off-track betting

Off-track betting refers to sanctioned gambling on horse racing outside a race track.

U.S. history

Before the 1970s, only the state of Nevada allowed off-track betting. It became legal in New York City in 1970, after years of unsuccessful attempts. Shortly after, Capital District Regional OTB was opened in Schenectady, New York by Davis Etkin who became its first president and chairman of the board. Their success was such that by the 1970s there were 100 betting parlors in New York City, and twice that number by the late 1980s. In New York City, the thought was that legal off-track betting would increase revenue while at the same time decrease illegal gambling activity, but one effect of the legalization was the decrease of revenue at the race tracks. The 1978" class="wikipedia">Interstate Horseracing Act struck a compromise between the interests of horse tracks and owners, the state, and OTB parlors, and stipulated that OTB revenues were to be distributed among the tracks, the horse owners, and the state. Another stipulation was that no OTB parlor was allowed to operate within 60mi of a track.

Revenues at the track indeed lessened, but rather than fight off-track betting, the industry sought to increase its income via new ways of gambling, betting on the OTB potential, and came up with "exotic wagers" such as" class="wikipedia">exacta and trifecta. Thus the industry's revenue increased even as the number of spectators at the track went down.

At legal off-track betting parlors, if bettors win, they have to pay the parlor a surcharge taken directly from the winnings. Bettors in New York can avoid paying the surcharges by placing their bets via an off-track betting corporation's account wagering service or at so-called super branches or teletheatres that charge a daily admission fee. Other jurisdictions such as Pennsylvania do not levy a surcharge on winnings. Most booked bets are now placed with licensed services in the Caribbean and Central America who entice bettors by offering them rebates on their bets.

The Rialto - s Betting Parlor Will Re-Open Today, in Time for Preakness Stakes - Willamette Week

Willamette Week

The 96-year-old Rialto poolroom and off-track betting parlor are re-opening after four months.

It's been a rough year so far for the Rialto. After very nearly closing on Christmas Day, the Rialto was bought and saved at the last minute by Manish Patel of Bar XV and Frank Faillace of Dante's, Kit Kat and Sassy's.

But then there was the fire. On January 4 a fire ripped through the apartment complex upstairs from the Rialto, and the water damage to the historic poolroom was so severe that the Rialto, the Jockey Club betting parlor, and the Jack London basement bar all had to be closed—disrupting plans to turn the Jack London into a jazz bar in the wake of the Jimmy Mak's closure.

Well, the former Corner Bar and off-track betting parlor—rechristened the Jockey Club after a long-lost and loved Portland bar on North Killingsworth—is back open this afternoon, in time for tomorrow's Preakness Stakes, the middle leg of the Triple Crown.

With Rialto closed, the only place in Portland to place off-track bets—aside from horse track Portland Meadows—was Tom's Restaurant and Bar on Division Street.

The Rialto poolroom will not yet be open today—that'll have to wait till next week. But staff says the Rialto proper will be back open May 26. Mark your calendars.

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