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It was a very rainy summer—the summer Arthur Ashe won Wimbledon against Jimmy Connors, which I watched in the pub.

He poured this into three ornate chalices that looked like Turkish knock-offs of the Wimbledon Cup.

He had just resuscitated his career by dumping Andy Murray in the Wimbledon final.

They are said to have got engaged shortly before the Wimbledon tennis tournament.

“Yeah, maybe we can have a little bit of a showdown,” Williams joked at Wimbledon.

"At last, my love, we are together," he murmured as they neared Wimbledon.

That dinner at Wimbledon—I meant it to last me all night like other dinners.

I once resided in Wimbledon, and saw you several times at the village church.

After a pause, Florence asked her companion if she "had ever visited Wimbledon since she left it."

No, or she had not gathered Wimbledon about her to make merry the midnight hour.

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